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Conversations you must have with your Wedding Planner

As the big day draws closer, we begin having more detailed conversations with our brides about what they can expect on their wedding day. So much thought has gone into the details of choosing the flowers, the cake, the linens, etc. but now it’s time to talk about the expectations for wedding day to alleviate any potential stress.

What exactly will I be doing before photos begin? Are you going to be with me while I’m getting ready? Will you be accessible? When will I get to see the reception? When do I eat?

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We are always working on our wedding day production schedule, which is broken down into almost 5 minute increments; but there are just some details that can’t be finalized until a week out. At this time, we like to sit down with our brides and review the entire schedule, so they feel comfortable with the plans. It is important to discuss all the details of what happens on wedding day; they want to feel confident that everything has been thoughtfully planned.

We always provide a bride’s concierge, who stays with the bride through the entire day. She makes sure the bride is ready before hair and make-up begins; that champagne has been chilled; lunch is being delivered on time, bridesmaids arrive on time, dresses are pressed and tending to all the girl’s needs. Our bride knows that her concierge is in constant contact with her planners and is just a phone call away, while they are setting up all the details for the ceremony and reception. 

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It is important to send out a mini timeline to all the bridal party and family so they know where to be, how to dress, how they are being transported and any important parking information; this way your rehearsal does not turn into a White House press conference filled with a zillion questions. This will also help tremendously with your photo schedule, although you’ll have to wrangle all parties involved for photos as somehow there’s always a stray uncle or groomsman who just gets sidetracked with some game they are watching on their iphone. Or at the hotel bar. 

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Other items that are important to discuss are “the big reveal” and when the bride and groom will actually get to eat the food they’ve so carefully chosen for their guests. We always plan a special moment for the bride and groom to see their reception while their guests are busy at cocktail hour. It’s a super fun moment to get on film and probably my most favorite of the day! We also make sure our newlyweds get to sit down, eat some dinner and take off their shoes before joining their guests at their reception. They share a few minutes alone to enjoy each other and acknowledge they are finally married. This is a Jewish tradition, called the Yichud, literally meaning, becoming one. We do this with all our clients, Jewish or not, and they absolutely love it.

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Always remember you can plan out every single minute of the day, but once it’s here, just enjoy the moment, and let your wedding planner worry about the details!

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