Stay Sane during Wedding Planning


We love contributing to Vogue magazine about wedding trends and etiquette! When they asked our advice on "How to Stay Sane during Wedding Planning," we jumped at the chance to give some tips to brides and grooms to enjoy the planning process. This really should be (and can be!) a fun and memorable time!

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A few little sneak peek quotes from Sara Fried @ Fête Nashville from the Vogue magazine article:

Hire a Planner. “Especially during the month leading up to your wedding—you should be concentrating on friends, family, and pampering yourself,” says Sara Fried of Fête Nashville. “Not calling all your vendors, updating them on head-count changes, worrying about the weather, and finalizing the timeline and vendor load-in details!”

Ask for Help. “It always confuses me when brides tell me they don’t want their bridesmaids to have to do anything,” Fried says. “It’s an honor to be asked to be in a wedding, and your friends want to help make your wedding memorable, personal, and as stress-free as possible, just as you would do for them!”


A few more tips that we'd like to share with our brides and grooms:

Make Decisions Together. Remember your groom is now your forever partner; ask him for ideas and input. The more decisions you make together, the closer you will become and the more personal your wedding will be to the both of you. It’s great experience to learn how to compromise and choose your battles. 


Don’t change your daily habits too drastically; definitely eat healthy, drink lots of water (re: glowing skin!!) and work out, but do not start any extreme diets, cleanses or work-out routines that may adversely effect your body.


Hair and Make-up Trial Run. Take time for a hair and make-up trial run about two months before your wedding. Make sure you have a photo of your dress to share with your stylist and bring lots of photos of styles and looks that you like. If you are not happy after the trial run, schedule another one, so you are fully confident that you will like your look on your wedding day.Pro tip: schedule your trial run on the day of a bridal shower or engagement party, so you can have your hair and make-up done for the occasion; if you are having a formal up-do, just ask your stylist to take it down after you’ve approved the look.Pro tip 2: If you think you want fake lashes on your wedding day (you do!!), be sure to have your stylist put them on during your trial run if you’e not had them before, so you can get used to the feeling


Please don’t get a spray tan the day before your wedding (!) It’s just not worth the potentially orange-looking side effects.


Keep the Spark Alive. Plan fun surprise date night for your fiancé and don’t talk about wedding planning; make sure he knows you are MOST excited about spending the rest of your life with him and not just planning your dream wedding. Enjoy! xo

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