Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do you pronounce “Fête” and what does it mean?

A:  "Fête" is French. It rhymes with 'pet'.
Meaning: A celebration. An elaborate party. A festival or feast.

Q:  We love your portfolio, but what sets you apart from the other wedding planners?

A:  Definitely my passion, creativity and attention to detail! If you check out my testimonials from former clients, they are extremely appreciative of all the thought and creativity that goes into every single aspect of a wedding. I am a visionary when it comes to planning and designing weddings. Many of my designs become current trends by the following year.

Q:  Do I really need a wedding planner?

Top 5 reasons to hire Fête Nashville:

  1. Experience: You will benefit from the professional relationships I’ve cultivated with all the top vendors over the last 15 years.

  2. Passion: I dream about my client’s weddings. Literally.  

  3. Budget: My experience planning several of Nashville’s premier non-profit fundraisers has given me tons of tips & tricks to maximize your budget.

  4. Design: With my background in graphic design & branding, we will design your dream wedding together from your invitations and lighting to each place setting, each with a personal touch to give your guests the “Wow!” factor.

  5. Award Winning: Have you seen our Press page? Who doesn’t want the best?

Bottom line: you can’t afford not to hire a planner …

Q:  How do you keep track of everything for each client?

A:  We are a paperless company & keep everything organized for you! Each client has access to a customized and secure online management tool which includes a design studio, checklists, timeline, layouts, contacts, budgets, RSVP’s and all your contracts. When we meet with vendors, we will take notes directly on the site and all photos will be uploaded within 24 hours (of linens, cakes, rentals, etc.).

Q:  Will you work with vendors I’ve already found?

A:  Sure! I am a team player and want you to be comfortable with every aspect of the process. Check out my testimonials, which include many from top local vendors!

Q:  Do you work with out of town clients?

A:  All the time! In fact, about 75% of our clients are out of town, and we plan everything in a few majorly-packed planning days based on your schedule. Everything else is via email, phone calls, Pinterest, etc. Even our local clients are very busy professionals who need to be extremely efficient with their time.

Q:  Do you travel?

Absolutely. From Napa Valley, California to Bordeaux, France, we have experience with destination weddings!

Q:  How many weddings do you take in a year?

A:  8-10 extremely detailed weddings. We will provide you with the attention you deserve.

Q:  Do you have a payment plan?

A:  We request a 50% deposit, 25% due 90 days out and 25% due 30 days out.

Q:  How do we get started?

A:  Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation.