Hello Photographers!

Thank you for getting to know more about how we support the best photographers in the industry!

  • We believe photography is THE most important part of our clients day.
  • We encourage our clients to MAXIMIZE their budgets when it comes to photography.
  • We make sure photographers have everything they need to deliver the best images to our clients.
  • All timelines are edited and APPROVED by the photographer before any event based on your needs, timing and expertise.
  • All our weddings have been published locally, nationally, internationally ~ either in print, online or a combination.
  • Here's how we have become successful in making the best experience for our clients:


A detail photographer of your choice. In addition to a second shooter, we require a detail photographer to shoot extra details (no people shots) of the decor that I personally design for my portfolio. This cost is entirely covered by Fête Nashville.


We design a very limited number of highly detailed weddings a year, and each take 450+ hours, so it is imperative to get all the shots that editors may request (horizontals, verticals, close-ups, etc.). I feel very strongly that it would be unethical to have the client’s photographer spend extra time taking photos the client will not ever need or want. 


We offer the client’s photographer (you!) to choose a detail  photographer (3rd shooter) to come in for an hour or so (all costs covered by me) to get the shots I need (again, in addition to the detail shots you will be taking for the client), and all photos are credited to you.



We both receive all photos (hi res, non-watermarked), so it’s a win-win for everyone. You can include all the photos (or whatever ones you like) with the pics you present to the client. 

I’m sure you have people you like to work with, or I can recommend some I like, too!  Or if you’d like, I can book this on my own, but I always like to offer this “win-win” option to the client’s photographer first!

Thank you!

We look forward to working with you!